Welcome to Kent Ambassadors

Portrait Image of Chairman - Mr Richard Collins
Mr Richard Collins

The Kent Ambassadors are a grouping of highly successful and experienced people who either live or work in Kent and who have come together, by invitation, in a voluntary arrangement to help all aspects of life in Kent. Currently there are around 90 people involved and they are listed in the following pages.

Our mission statement is:
"As a group we aim to use the available enthusiasm, energy and experience which we have shown as leaders in our own spheres. We want to spread our own commitment to the County, in order to promote Kent positively and widely."

This website is intended to support and help this work. It will report on the work of the Ambassadors who regularly visit a diverse range of enterprises in Kent with the view of providing, help, support, encouragement and finally publicity.

The links on the left of this page will help you liaise with the Ambassadors via the central office using the HELP and ADVICE section. We hope that the wide knowledge and experience of the Ambassadors will be able to be accessed by those in Kent who need it and each enquiry will be dealt with on an individual basis.